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Estes Park Baptist Church 2200 Mall Road
Estes Park Baptist Church
2200 Mall Road

We Welcome You!

Estes Park Baptist Church would like to welcome you to our fellowship. We hope your visit with us will be an encouraging and inspirational experience. We believe that Jesus Christ does make a difference in the lives of His people. Therefore, we focus our praise, singing, teaching, and worship on Him.





Kenyn CuretonSunday September 25,2016
Dr. Kenyn Cureton
Vice President for Church Ministries

Dr. Kenyn Cureton has served as Vice President for Church Ministries for Family Research Council since 2006. Under his leadership, FRC’s “Watchmen on the Wall” pastors network has grown from 1,800 to nearly 25,000.
Prior to joining FRC, Dr. Cureton was unanimously elected as Vice President for Convention Relations for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). In this position, Dr. Cureton directed media and public relations for the SBC executive committee, performed liaison work with national church and political officials, and was executive editor of SBC Life.




Estes Park

Located in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado

Our Church is located in the glorious setting of Estes Park, just outside the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park, a crown jewel in the National Park system. Nothing inspires the Word of God quite like being surrounded by His beauty. Whether you’re an Estes Park resident, or just visiting the area, we invite you to join us in Worship.