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EPBC Main Office
2200 Mall Road
Estes Park, CO 80517-8844


Ralph Nations
Music Leader

(303) 507-8502

David and Tina Taylor
First Touch International Ministry

C: (720) 403-5420 Office: 970 586-2463;

David serves as Associate Pastor with a focus on community & international outreach. Tina and David have many years invested in Colorado. God’s sovereign grace enables David and Tina to serve Christ through multi-ministries specifically in the areas of church planting, Scripture study, youth, AWANA, VBS, and ESL/ELL including serving in central Eastern Europe, Asia & Mexico. David and Tina’s service in US Army has added flexibility and adaptability to help define their life ethos. David and Tina enjoy their family of two sons, their wonderful wives, eight awesome grandchildren and church family. David’s desire is for folks to embrace the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ seeking all that God of the Holy Scriptures has given.


Mark Tucker
Sound & Tech Services

Mark has been providing computer and sound services for Estes Park Baptist Church since the summer of 2015. He was born and raised on the east coast of Florida and moved to Fairplay, Colorado in mid 2014. He made the move to Estes Park in early 2015. He enjoys providing help around the church in any way possible.