From the Pastor on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church this morning. It has been a joyful week filled with some great experiences.

Our partnership with the Wynne Baptist Church overflowed with a refreshing spirit. What a joy to be with people who just love Jesus and want to serve Him, not to get a star in a crown, but simply because they love God. Many folks just go to church to have fun, expecting to be entertained. When called upon to serve they become a church-hopper. Impact Estes has given us the opportunity to serve our community expressing God’s love in a visible way. Literally “Standing on the promises and not sitting on the premises.”

We may be a small church, yet we have a solid biblical base. We may not have all the ministries of some larger churches, yet what we do demonstrates the power of the mighty God we serve. It is very significant, especially to the many lives we touch through “Impact” and the “International First Touch” ministry.

Not one of you is insignificant to our Lord and His ministry. He uses each one of us. We all can’t get up on a roof or climb a ladder anymore. But we can still have a role. You can help a number of ways: calling on folks, financially, praying, maybe just sending a note of encouragement or tech help with the computers. It may be helpful to do dishes after the Wednesday night supper. We all are part of a great body of believers called Estes Park Baptist Church.

Again, welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church.

Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37)

Pastor Paul