From the Pastor on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church. It is a joy to welcome each of you as we worship together.

We’ve experienced a little rain, a little sunshine, the mowing of the weeds, and the preparation for our “Impact” team from Wynne, Arkansas. Yes, we will have a team this year! Although we are not geared up for Impact as we usually are, we are still maintaining our witness in helping others. Originally our plans were to be in the building program. That has not happened as of yet. We are waiting for God’s timing which is always perfect, and to be ready when He says GO!

Saturday, David and I went to a special-call Colorado Baptist General Convention board meeting for the purpose of electing a new Executive Director replacing the retiring Mark Edlund. We are messengers to this meeting for our church. I will share the results today. Our church is part of the great mission efforts of Southern Baptist. We are part of sending over 7,000 missionaries both home and abroad to reach the people of this world with the Gospel of Christ.

This week a long-time member of our church, Helen Lee, passed away. For the past several years she has been in the Prospect nursing home. She and her husband Cecil were extremely involved in our church serving as head of Hospitality and he served as Deacon for many years. Sometimes when we don’t see folks a lot, we tend to forget them and forgetting their service for the Lord.

God has blessed our church in many ways. One way has been financially. Finances in a church can be very challenging at times. We need to always be above board in this area. I have asked, along with the finance committee, to have an audit of all of our financial records. Doug Lohrey will be here the 25th of this month to do the audit. If you have any questions about the church’s finances, please feel free to ask.
Again, welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church

Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37),
Pastor Paul