From the Pastor on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church. The days of summer are slipping by and we still have much to do on campus. Our ministry with Impact Estes has been very rewarding this year. This morning we have the team with us from Wynne, Arkansas. They arrived late Wednesday night and hit the ground running on Thursday. They have already completed a half a dozen projects and have about that many more before Wednesday evening’s cookout. This team has been a great blessing to our church and community. Thank you FBC of Wynne.

The other night in our business meeting there was some confusion on the role and purpose of our Deacons, and how they are selected. The role and purpose of the Deacons is to help support the needs of the church family. It is a servant ministry. There is a misconception that the Deacons run the church much like an executive board in business. That is not the calling of the Deacon body. Many times in a small church a Deacon will serve on different governing committees but not as a Deacon, but as a church member. Deacons are set aside for the particular tasks of ministering to the church family. It is also part of their responsibility to stay true to the word of God. They are to support the pastor and pastoral staff. It is not the responsibility of the Deacons to tell the preacher what to do or how to do the job.

How do we select Deacons? In our bylaws the church is encouraged to submit names to the Deacon body, then interview so as to meet the biblical requirements. The potential man prays about it with his wife and affirms God’s call on his life. The names of the qualified individuals are placed on and voted by ballot. We have had to do some adapting with the bylaws to meet our needs as a church. For instance our bylaws state that one can only serve for three years and then rotate off for a year. This has been hard to do, and I have asked our Deacons to continue to serve until we were able to select other Deacons. To read more about Deacon qualifications look 1Timothy 3:8-13.

The question of Deaconess (women Deacons) also came up. Historically our churches do not ordain women as such. This is my personal conviction concerning this matter. The interview process with a potential Deacon should also include the wife. The wife and husband form a team. A godly wife is essential for a Deacon to effectively serve the body of Christ. If a man or woman is seeking a position they are not in my opinion where they should be in relationship to leadership in a church.