From the Pastor on Sunday, July 9, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church. It is a joy to welcome each of you as we worship together.

WOW! What a great response to the Call2Fall last Sunday. I hope your celebration of the greatest nation was meaningful. We celebrated with guests that responded to my invitation last Sunday morning to join us on the deck at the parsonage to view the fireworks. Tonya always makes our home so inviting. Thanks Tonya for all the extra work.

Today we are blessed to have a special guest to share in our Missionary Moments. Pasha from Greater Gresham Baptist Church (Pathway Church) lead an Impact team for several years. He has a tremendous testimony in how God lead him to the USA from Kazakhstan.

This year we will have only one team for our Impact ministry, the First Baptist Wynne, Arkansas. They will be here the 29th of July. The overflow space should be ready for them. Pray that we can be a blessing to our community. Oh! By the way, have you heard that the Estes Valley Development Planners has given us the green light to begin building the Mission House. P.T.L.

This Wednesday we will be privileged to hear from Aaron and Andrea Taylor about the ministry in Haiti.

Please set your calendar for this important time following the Wednesday night meal.

Have you checked us out on Facebook lately? The comments are a great encouragement.

Again, welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church

Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37),
Pastor Paul