From the Pastor on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church. THANK YOU for last Sunday’s recognition. Never in our lives have we been treated better. It has truly been a joy to serve as pastor and wife for nearly fifteen years. This was the finest ministry and church in my 53 plus years of being called into the gospel ministry. When I was 19 the Lord called me to the preaching ministry. Little did I know what God was going to do through the years. He blessed me far more than ever expected. He gave me a tremendous “help mate” in Tonya. She has stuck with me through thick and thin with our four great boys, wonderful grandchildren, and several fruitful ministries. The most pleasant and rewarding ministry has been these last 14 years.

I want to recognize all the work that went in to the celebration. Ralph was kind of the mastermind of the event even though he was unable to be with us, his presence was truly felt. The ladies did such an admiral job in decorating down to the last detail. Tina, Diane, Verna, Julie, and the rest of the ladies worked hard to see that everything was put to order. David stepped up to MC the event in Ralph’s absence and John Howeth–as always– brought an inspiring message.  Your kind words and expressions will always be kept close to our hearts.
Tonya and Tina took off Monday for Oregon and I am thankful that Tina traveled with Tonya to help her. I know she will miss the fellowship and the tea times they enjoyed together.

The next four weeks will be very busy for me as I continue to pack to complete the move. One of the major points that John brought in his message was this: “Don’t sit back as a church and wait for a new pastor to bring his vision and leadership.” You were encouraged to keep on doing ministry and following the vision we have had together. That means to follow through with the building plans, “First Touch,” and “Impact Estes.” Remember those plans came about through the church praying together and seeking God’s direction. He gave the church the marching orders to build the new staff house for the First Touch ministry. He brought about the vision of the new addition. To sit back and wait for a new pastor would be an act of disobedience. We have come too far to begin to look for a new direction. My challenge to you as a church is to give your new pastor the tools to build on what we have accomplished together over these past years.  The need is to start planning now for “Impact 2018” and contacting the teams to come for building the second parsonage (Mission House) and planning for the future addition. Don’t wait! As the old saying “Tomorrow never Comes.”

Today’s message is titled “Don’t settle for second best.”
Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37)
Pastor Paul