From the Pastor on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good Morning and welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church. I am delighted to welcome each of you. Today is a special day for Tonya and me, a day we have been looking forward to—I think! It has been my joy and honor in serving Estes Park Baptist since 2003.

Our approach to retirement with our move to be closer to our grandkids in Oregon has been a challenge.
Praise the Lord! The planning commission unanimously voted to approve our site plan review. Now we can begin to look toward the building projects. It was my hope that we would have the second staff house (Mission House) by Christmas. That is not going to happen, however we will begin as soon as possible. I will be working from Oregon to bring a team as soon as possible to help in the construction if the church wants me to. The approval was a major step for our church. I want to personally thank each of you for your support. Your physical presence was greatly noted by the commissioners.
Wednesday night our church formed the pastor search committee. They are Vance Brown, Daniel Ludlam, Shannon Clark, Sallie Partridge, and Jim Hogue. Carole Nations is the alternate. They need all of our prayers as they begin their responsibilities. The next few months can be a great time of growth both spiritually and physically.

Tonya will be leaving tomorrow to drive up to Oregon as we continue to prepare for housing. Tina will accompany her. Please pray for them as they travel. Thanks Tina for your assistance.
Again, welcome and thank you for your support.
Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37)
Pastor Paul

Pastor Paul