From the Pastor on Sunday, September 3, 2017

Welcome to Estes Park Baptist Church, This morning Jim Hogue and I are in the Atlanta area. We went to represent and celebrate the life of Doyle Pennington and to try and bring some comfort to Celeste. Doyle and Celeste recently move to Fayetteville, Georgia hoping to improve Celeste’s health. They continued to remain members of our church, and I am still their pastor. Doyle, as you know, discovered stage 4 pancreatic cancer and in just a few days after the discovery went home to be with our Lord. We should be back late this afternoon.
There are a couple of quotes I would like to share from Dr. Jim Denison’s newsletter this last week that are good to remind us of our victory even in times of disaster.
“God’s people are not immune from the crises inherent in living on a broken planet. Hurricane Harvey flooded churches as it flooded houses, schools, and businesses. How should we respond to disaster? And how should we respond when we suffer for our faith? Romans 8:35–39 is my favorite paragraph in Scripture. It offers four principles worth remembering whenever peril or persecution find us.
One: Expect suffering. (Romans 8:35).
Two: Expect to suffer for your faith. (Rom. 8:36, citing Psalm 44:22).
Three: Claim your victory in Christ. (Rom. 8:37)
Four: Celebrate God’s unconditional love. (Rom. 8:38-39)
To paraphrase Philip Yancey, how would your life change if you looked in the mirror and saw what God sees?”
We know what it was like in 2013 when the floods came to our “neck of the woods.” We have folks who are trained in our own congregation that can step up and go with the Colorado DR. Or perhaps we can help in their expenses to go and/or give financially to help. You can make out your gifts to EP Baptist and designate it to “Harvey Disaster” and we will send it on.
I would like to acknowledge Jim and Jean Lyles and David for ministering at The Prospect Park Living Center in the month of August for both Ralph, Carole and me. When members step up and minister it helps us as a church and demonstrates to our community and the world that we can make a difference.

Hyper Nike (Romans 8:37)

Pastor Paul